Found on ebay – Super Aguri 2007 F1 race car – Ex Anthony Davidson

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Found on ebay - Super Aguri 2007 F1 Anthony Davidson race car

Looking around on ebay for Classic F1 stuff and I came across this car. Its a rolling chassis with no engine that has been converted to a simulator.

From the ebay listing:

Offered for sale is this Super Aguri/Honda 2007 F1 race car converted to simulator
The car is in excellent condition and could be used as a static display as it has been converted to be used as a simulator. This makes it the ultimate big boys toy, and in the right environment could be used to generate substantial income from ‘wanabe’ F1 drivers!
Please note that THE ENGINE AND OTHER VITAL PARTS ARE NOT PRESENT, but it may be possible, with the correct technical expertise and of course an engine, to convert this car back to full racing trim, allowing the owner to participate in the top classic car meetings such as the The Goodwood Festival of Speed and the Silverstone Classic.

It is unlikely that any other of these rare Super Aguri Formula One cars will ever come to market – so if you wish to buy into the successful albeit short lived legend of the team, this is surely a once in a lifetime opportunity! This car comes with a Chassis Lifing certificate of Authenticity from Brawn GP signed by Ross Brawn.

Please note this is a GENUINE SA7-03 rolling chassis NOT a replica, copy or facsimile.
This car was owned by Brawn GP after Honda GP pulled out of F1 and Brawn took over the company. The history described in the listing of this car is accurate in all respects. It is a unique opportunity, and if a 2.4 V8 engine could sourced, the potential value of this, one the rarest F1 cars of the 2.4-V8 era, could rise exponentially!

From Wikipedia:

The 2007 Super Aguri is based on a re-worked RA106 chassis used by Honda F1 in the 2006 Formula One season. It has been the basis of a complaint filed by Spyker F1 against Super Aguri F1.[1] It is believed that the protest is related to articles 2.1, 2.2 and 6.3 of the F1 sporting regulations.[2] Article 6.3 of the F1 sporting regulations states: “The constructor of an engine or rolling chassis is the person (including any corporate or unincorporated body) which owns the intellectual property rights to such engine or chassis.”[3] Since Super Aguri owns the intellectual property rights, they claim that the car is within the rules. Indeed the Honda F1 RA106 was sold to PJUU Inc, and Super Aguri F1 acquired the rights through them and thereafter modified the package to meet the technical regulations for the 2007 season.

The listing can be found on ebay here

The Car is listed for sale for £65,000

Please Note We Do Not Sell Cars Directly

This is a blog and not responsible or in anyway affiliated with people offering the cars for sale. Also these posts are not updated and the cars have most likely been sold so beware when clicking the links from old posts.