F1 Car for Sale – 1962 Lotus 25

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1962 lotus 25

From this listing for this Lotus F1 Car for sale:

1962 Lotus 24 P1 Fitted with 1.5 litre BRM V8. Period history with Peter Revson. Maintained by ourselves for many years. A familiar face at Monaco and Goodwood

I think the lotus 24 in the listing is a typo. The backend of this car looks like a lotus 25 not a 24.

From Wikipedia:

The Lotus 25 was a racing car designed by Colin Chapman for the 1962 Formula One season. It was a revolutionary design, the first fully stressed monocoque chassis to appear in F1. In the hands of Jim Clark it took 14 World Championship Grand Prix wins and propelled him to his 1963 World Championship title. Its last World Championship win was at the 1965 French Grand Prix.

The monocoque made the car more rigid and structurally stronger than typical F1 cars of the period. The 25 was three times stiffer than the interim 24, while the chassis weighed only half as much. The car also was extremely low and narrow, with a frontal area of 8.0 ft², 0.74m² as compared to the normal 9.5 ft², 0.88 m² It was also envisaged to have a column gear lever, to keep the cockpit width to a minimum, although this was only experimental and discarded. To assist the low profile and low frontal area, the driver reclined sharply behind the wheel (an idea seen in the 18, and pioneered over a decade previously by Gustav Baumm at NSU[3][4]), leading to the nickname ‘The Bathtub’, while front coil/damper units were moved inboard (as in the 1948 Maserati). The 25 was powered by the Mk.II 1496cc through to the Mk.5 1499cc versions of the Coventry Climax FWMV V8 in crossplane and flatplane formats. Later, Reg Parnell Racing in 1964 fitted BRM P56s of similar specification to their second-hand 25s. Such was the 25’s effect on motor racing, even today’s modern F1 cars follow its basic principlesAbout Peter Revson from Wikipedia:

Peter Revson was born into the Revlon Family, he was the nephew of Revlon Cosmetics industry magnate Charles Revson, he was an heir to his father Martin’s fortune (reportedly worth over $1 billion).

Revson began racing in 1960 while at the University of Hawaii. He previously attended both Columbia University and Cornell University. Revson finished second in a local club event, driving a Plus Four Morgan. He proceeded in his racing career, becoming experienced in Formula cars, Trans-Am sedans, Can-Am Group 7 racers, GTs, and Indianapolis racers.

Peter Revson is also famous for Co-driving with Steve McQueen in the 1970 12 Hours of Sebring race, Revson and McQueen (driving with a cast on his left foot from a motorcycle accident two weeks earlier) won with a Porsche 908/02 in the 3 litre class and missed winning overall by 23 seconds to Mario Andretti/Ignazio Giunti/Nino Vaccarella in a 5-litre Ferrari 512S.

Listed for sale with Hall & Hall


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Please Note We Do Not Sell Cars Directly

This is a blog and not responsible or in anyway affiliated with people offering the cars for sale. Also these posts are not updated and the cars have most likely been sold so beware when clicking the links from old posts.